EE pay monthly: Which phone plan is best for you?

We have three types of pay monthly phone plan, each one offering something a little different. They’ve each been designed to suit different types of people, so we’re sure you’ll find one to suit you.

You can choose from 4GEE Max plans, 4GEE plans or 4GEE Essential plans.

But whatever plan you choose, you'll be able to use your UK minutes, texts and data in the EU just the same as you do in the UK. Not bad, eh?

4GEE Max plans

If you spend your time sharing YouTube videos, Instagramming everything you see and watching live sport on the go, all while streaming your favourite music, you’ll need a plan with plenty of data.

Our 4GEE Max plans give you bags of data every month – up to 40GB in some cases – so you can stay online and stay connected. You’ll also get access to our fastest 4G speeds, so you can browse, download and share in an instant.

And with inclusive roaming to over 50 destinations around the world (more than any other UK network) you can stay connected even when you're away.

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4GEE plans

Use your phone a lot, but don’t need bags of data? Our 4GEE plans might be a bit more suitable. If you’re more into chatting on the phone than messaging on WhatsApp, unlimited calls and texts will come in handy.

But if you still like to post the occasional selfie, keep in touch over Facebook, and generally browse the internet, there’s enough data to stay connected at our superfast 4G speeds.

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4GEE Essential plans

If you’re on a budget and aren’t glued to your phone round the clock, our 4GEE Essential plans are perfect. They offer unlimited texts but smaller amounts of minutes and data, all at a great price.

Not only that, but you can still use your allowances in the EU and you’ll have access to our impressive 4G speeds.

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