Lost or stolen device

  • EE
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile

If you've lost your phone or other EE device that you use for corporate business call us immediately.

From an EE phone, call 158.

From any other phone, call 07973 100 158 or 0800 079 0158.

Or call +44 7973 100 158 or +44 800 079 0158 from abroad (at international call rates).

We can help

  • If you're calling from a pay phone, we can call you back
  • We can call your organisation for you, to explain the situation
  • We can block your lost device so it will be unusable on our network. You can add a password in case you find it later
  • We’ll give you your phone’s IMEI number for you to pass on to the police

Don't delay calling us - you will be billed for any use of your missing device until you notify us.

Please note: This information relates to corporate business phones only. If you've lost your personal phone here's what to do.



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