Mobility Manager

Mobile fleet management
made simple

Running a fleet of mobile devices can be a challenge

With Mobility Manager, you can keep costs, roaming and usage in check, reduce time-consuming paperwork and put in place a faster more effective mobile fleet management system. Whether it’s for 50 or over 500 devices, Mobility Manager can help you.

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Mobility Manager

One single administrator dashboard gives you customizable information and the tools you need to manage your fleet efficiently.

You can:

  • Look at trends and set policies accordingly
  • Look at detailed billing and reporting
  • Monitor and control usage
  • Order new devices
  • Make changes to network services without needing to call in

Mobility Manager Advanced

If you require even further functionality, our Mobility Manager Advanced solution, is available at an extra charge.

It has all the great features of our standard edition, plus:

  • End users can order their own devices from a pre-approved device list, in line with the policies and permissions set by you
  • Unrestricted policy management and flexible reporting for bespoke solutions
  • Asset management – total visibility of all assets and allocated users in your fleet
  • Gain access to enhanced trends/usage dashboards