Mdata from EE

Unique customer insights for better business decisions

Get richer insights about your customers

And maximise your returns - with mData from EE

We provide up-to-date insights on real customer behaviours, using anonymised and aggregated usage data from the UK's biggest mobile network.

This gives you unique insights into mobile usage behaviours and population movement patterns to help your business make informed strategic decisions – and maximise your returns.

What insights can you use?

Demographics & interests: Get insights on age, gender and the online behaviours of your customers.

Catchment area & location footfall: Learn how many people are in specific locations at different times of the day and week, where they came from plus frequency of their visits.

Journey behaviour: Discover how many people travel at certain times, where they travel to and from and how they travel.  

Campaign insights: Find out how many people interacted with your campaign with footfall insights and website visits.

Competitor insights: Learn how and when consumers interact with your competitors.

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Case studies through mData


World-first test case substantiates impact of social media on retail footfall and wins Digital Impact Award 2014.


Agency harnesses the power of big data to magnify outdoor advertising campaign performance for Lenovo and wins ‘Best use of Data and Insight in Outdoor’ award, at the Clear Channel Outdoor Planning Awards 2015.

Real insights boost performance across sectors


Make more informed decisions on where to locate new stores by understanding location behaviours of target demographics and mobile web and app usage.


Enhance your marketing strategy by better understanding your market share of travellers and where people start and end their journeys. You can also enrich transport models with mobile insights by understanding the journeys made between and through specific geographical zones.

Public Sector

Use real insights to support regeneration business cases, by understanding the population movements made within your borough, footfall counts, and the online mobile behaviours of your visitors.


Pinpoint the best places for ad campaigns by understanding location and mobile website behaviours. You can also measure the effectiveness of campaigns after they've finished.

Why use mData from EE

Biggest coverage: Our 4G network covers more than 99% of the population and 75% of the UK landmass - we have more location points than any other UK network.

Larger sample size: We have insights from over 24 million UK mobile connections* and our insights are typical of the UK population.

Trended insights: We have 12 months’ worth of historical insights so you can see trends over time.

New & unique data: We provide dataset combinations never fully available before - find out how and where mobile devices are used as part of the customer journey.

Dedicated experts: Our data scientists create tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and objectives.

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The legal bit

*EE mobile connections as of Q4 2015

Terms and conditions

mData services are subject to standard terms and conditions. EE makes no warranty in relation to the accuracy and fitness for purpose of the insight data. No personal data is shared with third parties.