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Free EU roaming for our customers

With our business plans, you can use your minutes, texts and data in our Europe zone exactly like you do in the UK.

Defend your business against cybercrime

Simple security changes can help you defend against sophisticated attacks.

Meet Samsung S8 & S8+

Powerful, practical and stylish – the new Samsung S8 devices are packed full of features to help you do more on EE.

Tablets can transform business

Over the last few years, tablets have been playing an ever-more prominent role in the world of business and, with the plethora of benefits they offer to SMEs, it's easy to see why.

The need for speed

Rapid technology advancements have ushered in a new era of business. Whereas traditional enterprises used to dominate industries, they are now being challenged by a new breed of companies that are disrupting the status quo.

Keep the office in your pocket

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it’s now easier than ever to work anywhere, any time.

Embrace mobility with confidence

Thanks to dramatic improvements in mobile technology, SME employees are now able to work from anywhere, at any time.