Handle your business' digital profile

February 2017

Now you can get a Handle on your digital profile

Understanding your website’s performance, what customers are saying online, and how you compare to competitors helps your business operate efficiently and drives growth.

But many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to track the hundreds of sites and services that make up a digital profile. Enter Handle.

What’s Handle?

Handle is an innovative new platform that helps small businesses understand, manage and monitor their digital profile. It brings together a diverse range of digital information about your business, including customer feedback, financial data and information from  websites and social media channels. It then processes the data and translates it into a clear dashboard and easily digestible insights.

With Handle, you’ll be able to continually get a greater understanding of your business. This includes detailed insights about the way the business is viewed by other people, how it performs on social media, and how it stacks up against others in your industry.

The platform provides a clear overview of financial affairs and will even reveal your business’ credit score. And all the data is encrypted, so there’s no need to worry about information being shared.

Make your business better

Once you know where your business is and how it compares, you’ll want to improve. One of Handle’s key features is that it offers you personalised tips on how to improve your digital profile to increase sales, create happy customers and get the best payment terms. Handle will track improvements to your score as you take control of your digital profile, and it automatically alerts you if your score fluctuates.

A great deal for EE and BT customers

Business customers that aren’t with EE or BT are entitled to a 30-day free trial, after which Handle costs £9.99 a month (or £99 for 12 months). However, EE and BT customers get an exclusive 30% discount on the monthly fee, and 50% off the annual subscription.

Want to get a Handle on your digital footprint?

Go to www.gethandle.com/ee to register for your free trial. Discounted pricing will be applied once the trial ends.