Connecting your business

Now you can do more things in more places

Get connected and boost your business with EE

We’re harnessing the power of our network to bring connectivity to more parts of your business. With EE on your side, you’ll be able to do things you never could before.

Whether you’re a retailer looking for a cost-efficient and reliable point of sale system, a small business looking to save time and money spent on paperwork by going digital, or you're hoping to dazzle prospective clients with footage live-streamed over 4GEE, our range of connected solutions is a game changer for your business.

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Connected Retail

Whether you’re a sole trader with a stall, a small company setting up shop, or a bigger business looking to modernise your stores, EE can provide everything you need to get connected.

Smart Forms

Smart Forms from EE gives your business everything you need to collect information on the move on your tablet or mobile using digital forms, saving you time and money.


Innovative solutions for your business

Get a local landline number that rings straight to your mobile so you never miss an important call

iZettle is a new way to run and grow your business, enabling you to take card payments through your phone.

Protect your valuable business devices against loss, theft and damage with EE Phone and EE Tablet Care.

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