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To say thanks for being with us, here’s a special sporting treat for our pay monthly mobile and tablet customers: three months’ free BT Sport on your EE phone and connected tablet.

Loads of the UK’s best sporting action, on the UK’s fastest network.

BT Sport is the place to watch every match in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League live. Plus 42 Premier League games this season. 

Here you'll find loads of help to get you started - who can get the BT Sport app, how to register and set it up, plus hints and tips if you're struggling.


Who can get the BT Sport app?

Using the app

Get the most out of the BT Sport app.


What happens after the free period?

Register and set up

Here's how to get cracking.


Problems with passwords, BT ID or anything else?

Still need help?

Check EE's Community, get help from BT and more.


BT Sport and device

I've signed up to BT Sport but don't have an iPad with an EE SIM card.

Posted by Dabbles in BT Sport
BT Sport

I was talking to someone at BT about BT sport/tv and they said i could get it with EE.


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