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Please note: If you are already an EE, T-Mobile or Orange customer and are upgrading to an EE plan, please follow the information on your SIM pack to keep your existing number.

Find what to do when you've received your replacement 4GEE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM and want to keep your old number.

Moving networks?

If you’re moving from T-Mobile to EE just insert your new EE SIM card into your phone and you’re away.

If you're moving from Orange to an EE plan all you need to do is insert your new SIM into your new or existing phone.

Have your PAC code already?

Transfer your number now

Haven't got PAC code? What you'll need:

How to keep your number when moving to a 4GEE, T-Mobile or Orange plan from a competitor

  • PAC code - You can get your PAC (Port Authorisation Code) by calling your current mobile service provider. PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Active EE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM - You'll need an active EE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM to allow the transfer to take place.
  • Temporary number - A temporary number is the number provided to you when you joined EE, T-Mobile or Orange SIM.

How long will it take?

If you submit the form before 17.30 on a working day your number will be transferred the next working day; after 17.30 or if your request is made on Saturday or Sunday and it will take two working days to transfer. 

Please be aware number transfers are not processed on Bank Holidays.

What you need to do before and after

Save your contacts before your transfer day

(You have two options) 

  1. Copy the numbers you want to keep from your SIM to your phone, then after your number transfer copy them back to your new SIM. See our phones and devices section for specific help on how to do this on lots of devices.
  2. Smartphone users can backup important information, like contacts, to the cloud. You can then restore this information from the cloud after your number transfer is complete.

The day of your transfer

You may experience interruption to your service on the transfer day and you could be unable to use your old or new SIM for a few hours. Please prepare for this to avoid disruption, and continue to turn your phone on and off throughout the day.

You'll receive a text message from us when it's completed and your number has been transferred. You don't need to call us.

More information on transferring your number

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