than any other UK network

A network that meets your business needs

Imagine if you could recreate your office remotely. If you could send large files of data, have conference calls in HD and access cloud services in real time. Say hello to 4GEE.

It makes it easy to log on and complete everyday tasks at short notice, from wherever you are. Helping your business take that step into the mobile workforce. And making those late nights toiling away at the office a thing of the past.

Why you should choose 4GEE

4G in more places than any other network

We're making sure that we provide the biggest 4G coverage for you.

Call and text with WiFi

No signal? No problem! With WiFi Calling you can keep talking and texting even if you don’t have mobile signal.

Investing in our network

We're spending £1.5 million a day to keep improving our network's speed, reliability and call quality.

And ready for the future

We're always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.

Do more of what you love

Call wherever there’s WiFi

With WiFi Calling, you can call and send texts, even with patchy signal. Just connect to the nearest WiFi and you’re ready to go.

Keep on multitasking

On EE, you’ll get 4G Calling, which means you can take a call from mum whilst checking in on Facebook. Win.

Do everything faster

With EE, you’ll get superfast 4G, and have access to 4G+ (three times faster than 4G). If downloading an HD film in seconds doesn’t blow your socks off, we don’t know what will!

Read about the 4G rollout

Our EE engineers are going to extraordinary lengths to give everyone 4G in more places across the UK. 

Explore the stats and stories and learn how 4G is transforming the lives of people across the country.

Perfect 4GEE products for you and your business

Getting the most from EE

Services and offers we have for you

The legal bit

The UK’s fastest network: Mobile only. 4G speeds depend on location & number of users. Check your coverage at ee.co.uk/coverage. Compatible device required. Based on results from the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: Jan – June 2016. Tested at locations across the UK with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types, conducting over 33K randomly sampled test cycles. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Visit rootmetrics.co.uk for more details.