Recycle & Reward

Get money for your old mobile or tablet

Welcome to EE Recyle and Reward for Small Business

EE understands the challenges faced by many small businesses to manage and control company mobile phones.

EE Recycle and Reward For Small Business is a specialist service that enables the release of value from unwanted mobile phones while complying with all the regulatory requirements.

Three questions

Is sensitive, confidential information stored on your company phones?

Are you realising the full value from your unwanted mobile phones?

Are your phones disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way?

Do you have unwanted devices to recycle?

If you have six or more unwanted devices to recycle, please call 

0203 696 7318 or email

For five devices or fewer, please use our online Recycle and Reward site - click here

Important points to remember

Unwanted devices thrown away or stored indefinitely can pose a threat to business security.

This is partiulcarly the case if commercially-sensitive data is not professionally cleared.

With Recycle and Reward, all devices are factory reset - with secure data clearance carried out by experienced personnel.