shared plan

Share your plan

EE Business Shared allows you to share one plan with up to four other devices.  Giving you the freedom to share your data from your main plan across all your devices, all on one tidy, easy to manage business plan. The allowances on our plans are EU friendly so you can work abroad just as you would at home without worrying about the cost.


You can't go over your data allowance

If you’re running low on data, we'll send you a text to let you know, and another one when you've ran out. Your data will stop unless you buy an add-on.

Share roaming data

Our Shared plans give you the freedom to share data from your main plan across devices. Allowances on our newest plans are EU friendly so you can work abroad without worrying about the cost too.

Old phones work fine

With EE’s flexible Business Sharer plan there is no need to upgrade your phone if you don’t want to. Whether it’s 4G or 3G you can keep the same phone you know and love and still get this great value Shared plan from EE.

Add people whenever you like

With EE shared you can add someone to the plan as soon as they join the team, with up to five devices on this handy hassle free plan, it’s easy to keep everyone connected keeping  your business moving.

How to get a Business Shared Plan

STEP ONE: Choose a pay monthly 24-month plan from £32, including unlimited calls and texts, plus the right data amount for your needs

STEP TWO: Add up to four other devices or SIMs from the choices below

Phone from £16 a month (ex VAT)

Phone SIM from £11 a
month (ex VAT)

Data SIM from £5 a month (ex VAT)

Tablet from £15 a month (ex VAT)

Mobile WiFi from £8 
a month (ex VAT)

Need help building your sharing plan? Call us on 0800 956 6102

Lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-5pm. Closed weekends.

The legal bit

You must have a 24 month EE Business Handset plan from £32/month with unlimited minutes and texts as the ‘lead’ account on a Business Shared Plan.  Lead account may only have one Business Shared Plan. Maximum 5 connections including lead account.  Separate contracts and minimum terms apply to each connection on the Business Shared Plan. Lead account holder is responsible for all charges incurred outside of individual plan allowances.  Data allowance is shared across all connections. EU roaming data only included where Lead account plan includes EU roaming data allowance - up to 15GB of data allowance can be shared when roaming in EU.  Lead account holder may block particular usage for any connection.  Subject to any such blocks, the lead account holder consents to and is responsible for charges incurred by any connection, including roaming and data add-ons.  Normal person to person use only.  See for full terms.