WiFi services

Superfast broadband without the wires

Broadband on the move

WiFi is broadband, but without all those annoying wires to trip you up.

With WiFi, you can access the mobile internet in more places, whether you're browsing at home, or out and about.

Download documents on the way to work, host a video conference from a café, update your website on the train... the opportunities are endless.

4 ways to connect to WiFi

Our Bright Box router

Get the Bright Box router with our fixed broadband - and you won't even need an engineer to get you up and running.

Mobile WiFi

Small and lightweight - get a mobile WiFI device: it's perfect for getting 4GEE on a laptop wherever you are.

On the London Underground

Make the most of your commute by downloading attachments and emails at Tube stations.

WiFi hotspots

Find out how to set up and use a WiFi hotspot. It's easier than you think.

Getting the most from EE

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