Games Add-On with two new games each and every month

Fancy yourself as a global games master?

The Games add-on gives you the pick of titles like Sonic Unleashed, Real Football 2015, Diamond Clash and many more.

You get two titles to keep every month. With superfast 4GEE, playing multiplayer HD games is a walk in the park.

On your mobile? Go to the EE games & app store

Games for iphone

If you're an iPhone user, we've also got a great selection of games for you, including Candy Crush Soda Saga, Disco Bees and Heroes Charge.

Games Add-On - on your phone

You can choose the Games add-on as an inclusive add-on if you joined EE on a pay monthly plan with unlimited minutes before March 26 2014.

If you don't get an inclusive add-on, you can still buy it.

If you're on your phone, go to the Games Add-On site right now and get started.

Games chart

  1. Real Football 2015
  2. Sonic Unleashed
  3. Cars: Hotshot Racing
  4. Diamond Clash
  5. Cannon Hamster
  6. Driver San Francisco
  7. GT Racing 2
  8. Bubble Frenzy
  9. Midnight Pool 3
  10. Assassin's Creed Revelations

4 reasons to choose the games add-on

Two new games a month

Game On gives you two new titles to download to your phone every month. With the games add-on, there's no time to get bored with your games.

HD and multiplayer

You can download HD titles anytime, anywhere – and with our superfast 4GEE network, you can even play multiplayer games on the move.

Fresh games every month too

The Game On collection is refreshed with new titles every month. So you always have a great choice of new games.


You get to keep all the games you download - no ifs, no buts. We'll expect some super high scores from you though.

Game on - on the move, with 4GEE

Superfast 4GEE takes mobile gaming to a new level.

Play live multiplayer games in HD wherever you are.

Waiting for a bus, sitting on a bench in the park or waiting for a friend in a coffee shop, you can keep playing.