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We've got Glasto covered

Because we’re the UK’s biggest superfast 4G network, we’re going to make the world’s greatest festival even better for you. Our official Glastonbury app is packed with features and will keep you updated and connected with everything going on. Once you’re on the farm, you can charge your phone for free in our Recharge tent, or by dropping in to our new Festival Power Bar ‘Exchange Cabin’. And because we’ve built a special 4G network onsite, your phone will work just like normal, which means you can upload and share all your photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the superfast speeds you’re used to with us.

Recharge your batteries

The Recharge Tent is back for 2014. This year we’ll have one main tent on site where you can relax, charge your phone and experience 4GEE for free. Look out for the Recharge Tent on the map on the official Glastonbury app and make sure you look out for our Retail Shed too.

Festival Power Bar now sold out

Wow, these were popular! Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get one, our Recharge Tent will be open as normal so you’ll still be able to charge your phone.

If you did manage to get a power bar, then don’t forget to fully charge it before you leave for Glastonbury. Then, when it’s flat, just pop along to our Power Bar Exchange Cabin and we’ll swap it for a fully charged one. (Download our Glastonbury app and head for the EE Recharging zone shown on the map.)

A couple of tips for you: The fastest way to charge your phone is to turn it off or put it in flight mode and let the power bar do its stuff. And if your phone’s completely dead it will need to be plugged in for a few minutes before you see the charging symbol.

Your ultimate festival guide

We partnered with Glastonbury and The Guardian to create the official Festival app for 2014.

It’s the ultimate festival guide in your pocket, giving you the line-ups, interactive maps and real-time festival updates.

Glastonbury goes cashless

We’re providing over 100 contactless and Chip and PIN readers to all the main bars around the site. Save time by paying for your drinks by just tapping your bank card on one of these readers.

You can even pay by using Cash on Tap. Cash on Tap is the mobile payment service from EE, available to 4GEE customers on selected devices letting you simply tap your phone to pay. To check if your phone is compatible, check out Cash on Tap

Either way, fewer trips to the cash machine, less money to carry around and more time to spend watching your favourite acts.

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