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Best Glasto ever?

Who’s to say? But wherever 2014 ranks among your best Glasto years, one thing’s for certain – that was some weekend. It was an extra special one for us in particular, because we managed to connect up everyone at the festival better than we ever have before.

The onsite 4G network put in place for the festival was a hit. The official app we built was used literally millions of times. The recharge tent was packed, and the power bars worked a treat.

And then there were the 4GEE WiFi cows. Just doing their thing.

Recharging your batteries

Like years gone by, the Recharge Tent had a good vibe. It was getting some pretty good use, too – with thousands of phones being charged over the course of the festival and plenty of new gadgets to test out.

Festival bars – sold out

Our power bars were a massive hit too. A UK festival first, all of our special festival bars had sold out by the time the festival even started.

Then the Exchange Cabin was manned all weekend to swap empty power bars for fully charged ones. And they just kept coming…

The fullest festival guide yet

We partnered with Glastonbury and The Guardian to create the official Festival app for 2014 – the ultimate guide in your pocket, giving festival goers the line-ups, interactive maps and real-time festival updates.

The app was massively popular and it wasn’t just used for looking at the map and studying the line-up. We were surprised how many people used it to watch video content of the bands in action.

Thanks again 4GEE…

Glastonbury goes cashless

2014 was the first year of Glasto for Cash on Tap, our new way to pay contactless with your phone. We provided over 100 contactless and Chip and PIN readers to all the main bars around the site and they went down really well.

Of course, Cash on Tap isn’t just a festival thing – check out Cash on Tap

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