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Seriously fast mobile internet

Want to watch live TV, stream a film or try multiplayer gaming on your phone? With 4GEE, now you can.

As the UK's biggest and fastest network, we're able to help you do more - and we're doubling our speeds to make our network even faster. We've just been voted the UK's most reliable network, too.* So however you want to enjoy the internet, we'll help you do it.

Make the best of EE

WiFi on the Underground

With EE you now get access to WiFi on the London Underground at no extra cost. So when you're not above ground getting superfast 4GEE across London, you can stay connected in over 100 stations.

Insurance and Protection

With Full Cover from EE you can relax, because if disaster strikes and your phone is lost, stolen or damaged you can have a replacement within 24 hours.

Coverage Checker

See what coverage you can expect on our network. Including 4GEE, Double Speed 4GEE, 3G and 2G. Plus where we offer fibre and standard broadband. Search by postcode or place.

Get the most from our network

Double speed 4GEE

Now available in 20 towns and cities, you can download a film from the EE Film Store in just three minutes.†

Find solutions to your problems

Any questions about the network? Ask the EE Community

Crystal clear with HD voice

When you're in the street or any noisy place, your calls are crisper and easier to hear.

Stream your favourite BBC iPlayer shows anytime

Quality programmes deserve to look as good as they should. Now, thanks to 4GEE, they can.


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*Fastest and Most Reliable network: based on RootMetric® UK National RootScore® Report for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on 4 mobile networks across all available network types (Jul-Dec 2013). The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. See for details.

†4GEE Extra plan with double speed required. Additional charge applies. Limited roll out and select areas only, check Based on EE test data 2013. Speed depends on location and users.