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Get 10GB of data every month with a home broadband plan

Boost any new 4GEE phone plan to 10GB at no extra cost. If you take home broadband with a 4GEE pay monthly plan, we'll boost your 4GEE data allowance to a massive 10GB (or 20GB if the 4GEE plan is over £46).

Covered by 4GEE

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Home Broadband

Get award-winning home broadband with unlimited data usage - better than half price.

No other network is bigger, faster and more reliable

Overall RootScore Award win, Speed Index win and Joint Reliability win: based on RootMetrics UK RootScore Report for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on 4 mobile networks across all network types (Jan 2014 - June 2014).

The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Your results may vary. See for more details.

Making 4GEE better every day

4GEE vs 3G

We put 4GEE to the test against 3G - and it comes out rather well (not that you were doubting us or anything). See how well for yourself in this video.

Our story so far

Our network is made up of 2G, 3G, 4GEE and Fibre Broadband for superfast internet at home and on the go.

4GEE coverage is growing

4GEE covers 80% of the population and is growing all the time. Move out of 4GEE range and you move seamlessly on to our 3G network - the biggest in the UK.

More masts means more coverage

We have more masts than any other network, which means great coverage for your calls and texts and we're continuing to invest in these networks.

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Double speed

With double speed 4GEE (up to 60Mbps), a feature film can now take just three minutes to download instead of 20 minutes on 3G.

About our network

4GEE gives you superfast, super reliable internet wherever you are. Our 4GEE network is already the biggest and fastest in the UK and it’s getting better all the time