WiFi on the Underground

Stay in the loop (not just on the Circle Line)

Did you know, with EE you now get access to WiFi on the London Underground at no extra cost?

So when you're not above ground getting superfast 4GEE across London, you can stay connected in over 100 stations.

Underground. Overground. With EE it's all part of the service.

How to get WiFi on the Underground

Text EEWIFI to 9527 and we'll send you a reply with a unique passcode. 

Next time you're underground, open your browser - you'll see the Virgin portal.

Use the EE icon and sign in with your phone number, email and passcode.

And in future, you'll be logged in automatically as long as your WiFi is enabled.

Keeping you in the loop - even underground

Don't miss your messages

Keep up with emails from the boss and WhatsApp messages from your mates.

Maps on the go

Going somewhere new? Check Google Maps on the way so you don't get lost.

Plan your journey

Check your connections and delays on the TFL website.

Get one step ahead

Download documents on your way to that important meeting.

Overground - with 4GEE

When you're above ground, 4GEE offers seriously fast mobile internet.

Want to watch live TV, stream a film or try multiplayer gaming on the bus? 

With 4GEE you can - and we're doubling our 4GEE speeds to make it even faster.

Help & Support


If you’re having trouble getting started, connected, or if you have any other problems connecting to WiFi on the London Underground see our help page for more information

It's on us

WiFi on the London Underground, provided by Virgin Media, is one of the perks you get for being on the EE network – so there are no extra charges for this service. 

The legal bit

Double speed: limited roll out and select areas only, check your coverage at ee/co.uk/doublespeed before purchasing a 4GEE Extra plan. Based on EE test data 2014. Just how fast your 4G will be depends on a couple of things: where you are and how many other people are using 4G too