UK's no.1 network

Our network is the UK's biggest,
fastest and most reliable

So what does that really mean?

We’re on a constant mission to keep our network #1 in the UK. We didn’t stop when we launched the first 4G in the market and we’re not stopping now…

It's official: no-one can match us - our network is the fastest and most reliable in the UK.

We're the UK's Overall Network Performance Winner for the first half of 2015. In over a million RootMetrics® tests, we came top for network reliability and speed, mobile internet, call and text performance.

Our network has had more RootMetrics® reliability wins than any other UK network.

That means you’re more likely to be able to successfully complete your music or film downloads, calls, texts and emails on EE than on any other network.

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We’re determined to keep our network #1 for speed. Since launching we’ve doubled the speed of 4G and we’ve even launched our fastest 4G+ speeds in London.

And the good news is we’ve just won the highest ranking for fastest network in the UK again as measured by RootMetrics, which means we’re still no.1 for speed.

We’re investing £1.5 million a day so we’ll continue with our ambition to bring you the fastest download speeds today, tomorrow and forever.

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We have the UK’s biggest 4G network with more than 93% of the UK population covered, and we already have the UK’s biggest 3G network, covering 98% of the population.

But don’t take our word for it. Ofcom’s interactive coverage map is a great way to see our coverage compared to other networks.

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We were first to launch WiFi Calling so you can make calls and texts in the places where you have no or patchy phone signal, just by connecting to WiFi.

In 2015 we started rolling out an innovative micro network technology bringing coverage to rural communities who don’t have broadband or reliable phone coverage.

We’re investing in 4G Voice – or VoLTE – to enable phone calls over 4G data services to thousands of homes and businesses that have never been covered by EE before so you can browse at superfast speeds whilst on a call.

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Connecting rural communities

In November 2013, EE launched the UK’s first commercial deployment of rural 4G in Cumbria.

Covering over 100 square miles and over 2,000 residents and businesses in the Northern Fells area, 4GEE Cumbria utilised LTE-A technology to deliver speeds comparable to major metropolitan areas in the UK.

Watch the video to see the impact the trial had on broadband speeds in local communities.

We're proud to have won the most network awards

All the awards, actually.

Since 4GEE launched on 30 October 2012, we've won all the UK industry network awards, plus a load of others from companies you'll recognise too.

It's probably time we invested in a trophy cabinet.

The legal bit

UK’s Most Reliable Network based on RootMetrics UK RootScore® Report for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on 4 mobile networks across all available network types (H2 2013, H1 2014, H2 2014, and H1 2015). Of 4 RootMetrics UK RootScore® reliability awards EE has won 2 (H2 2013 and H1 2015) and drawn 2 (H1 2014 and H2 2014). UK’s Fastest and UK's Overall Network Performance Winner based on RootMetrics UK RootScore Report for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on 4 mobile networks across all available network types (H1 2015). The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Your results may vary See for details. Read more at:!/united-kingdom/2015/1H.

Biggest network: EE has 93% and 98% population coverage. These figures are EE reported figures, correct as at October 2015. Always check coverage before joining EE here

No 1 for speed: EE’s current download speed for 4G is up to 30 mbps (EE test data October 2015). Double speed 4GEE: Select areas only. Speeds based on test data 2015 (up to speeds doubled from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps). 4G network capacity doubled from 2 x 10 MHz to 2 x 20 MHz. Speeds referred to are download speeds. 4G+ in London: limited roll out. Select areas in London only. Based on EE test data August – September 2015. More than 10% customers in coverage will receive speeds up to 90 mbps. Speeds referred to are download speeds. EE will continue rolling out double speed 4GEE and 4G+ to other locations in the future.