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Calling abroad – costs

Here are Orange's Calling Zones costs - we've listed all calls by the minute. Remember that the costs relate to calling an international phone while you're in the UK and prices for the country you're calling depend on the Calling Zone it's in.

On pay monthly you'll see two costs for Photo Messaging: the first is for sending a single photo message, the second is for attaching multiple photos to a message.

Calling from the UK to abroad costs only 50p per minute if calling Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. All other countries cost £1 per minute. Send a text for only 25p per message.

If you'd like to add a calling abroad bundle to your account, and you're a pay monthly customer, please visit My Account to subscribe. Alternatively you can call 150 from your Orange phone, or 07973 100 150 from any other phone. As part of the new bundle SMS will be discounted from 20.5p to 10p.

Pay As You Go calling abroad costs

Calling Zone  Ireland  Europe 1  Europe 2  USA and Canada  Australia and New Zealand  Rest of the World
Calling abroad from the UK  20p  £1  £1  £1  £1  £1
Texting abroad from the UK  20p  20p  20p  20p  20p  20p
Photo Messaging abroad from the UK  40p  40p  40p  40p  40p  40p
Making an international video call  50p  50p  50p  50p  50p  50p
Receiving an international video call  free  free  free  free  free  free
Calling an international premium rate number  £1.50  £1.50  £1.50  £1.50  £1.50  £1.50

We'll send calling abroad costs to your phone.

Just text 'TO' followed by the name of the country you'll be calling, for example: TO FRANCE. Send your text to 159 for pay monthly or 452 for pay as you go. We'll then text you back the cost of making a call to that country whilst you're in the UK from your Orange phone, plus the dialling code. It's free if you request the information while in the UK.

Prices shown are per minute and your call charges will be calculated on a per minute basis. Minimum charge is one minute. Charges include VAT.

You can also buy bundles of minutes to call abroad.

If you're a pay monthly customers you can visit My Account to subscribe. Alternatively you can call 150 from your Orange phone, or 07973 100 150.

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