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With EE's calling abroad add-ons you can keep in touch, without it costing you the earth.

Please note: Our calling abroad add-ons stay on your account until you cancel them, so there's no need to keep adding them every month. If you don't want them anymore, just manage your add-ons through My Account.

Opting in with pay monthly

Calling abroad from the UK costs 50p per minute if calling Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. All other countries cost £1 per minute, while texts are 25p per message.

The (free) pay monthly calling abroad add-on gives you access to cheaper rates in 67 countries. You'll be charged per minute/text at the cheaper rates for each country. For a free opt in, text CALL ABROAD to 441.

Opting with pay as you go

The pay as you go calling abroad add-on EE - offers calls from 1p a minute and texts from just 10p.

You can get lower call rates to 67 countries from the UK - for a free opt in, text CALL ABROAD to 150.

Calling abroad – costs

Here are Orange's Calling Zones costs - we've listed all calls by the minute. Remember that the costs relate to calling an international phone while you're in the UK and prices for the country you're calling depend on the Calling Zone it's in.

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