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From time to time, you may use more data than you expect. But don't worry, you can't run up a massive bill without realising.

Once you've used your plan's inclusive allowance (available for certain EE plans starting before 24 March 2014) we'll let you know and you won't be able to get back online until you've bought a data add-on.

How data add-ons work

We'll let you know when you've almost hit your monthly data allowance, by sending you a usage reminder text – and again if and when you've run out.

As soon as you next use some data (like browsing mobile internet, using an app or sending an email) we'll redirect you to the data add-ons page where you can choose to buy a data add-on. This will last until your data allowance refreshes on your bill date. Simple.

Full terms and conditions are available at

Find out more about add-ons >

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