Lookout Mobile Security - EE edition

Lookout Mobile Security

To help you stay safe, we've partnered with Lookout  to produce a special EE edition of their mobile security app that helps to protect your phone or tablet, and your personal data. It'll even help you find your phone or tablet if it's lost or stolen.

The premium version of Lookout is included in Full Cover. Click here to find out more about Full Cover.

To activate your premium version:

1.    If you don’t already have it download the Lookout app by visiting Google Play or the App Store from your device

2.    Open the app once it’s installed

3.    Activate your account following the on-screen instructions

Once your account is activated you will be automatically upgraded to premium if you are a Full Cover customer.

Mobile Security Plus

Customers who want extra security for their Android or IOS device can buy Mobile Security Plus. This includes the premium version of Lookout Mobile Security - EE edition as well as our priority call answering service and extended-hours access to our customer services.

Get protected for just £2.50 per month. Our customer services team can add Mobile Security Plus to your account.

More info on the Lookout website >

Lookout data privacy policy >

Lookout terms and conditions >

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