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MTV Trax is MTV's must-have music app for your mobile that automatically updates playlists packed with the music you love, chosen for you by MTV.

You'll also get breaking news and gossip from MTV's world of music and entertainment.

How does MTV Trax work?

MTV Trax downloads the hottest, hand-picked MTV playlists to your phone every day so you don’t have to search for them. You can set your update for Wi-Fi or mobile data and then everything is ready to play instantly, offline. Browse the playlists and choose your favourites to create your own and share what you love listening to with your friends.

I have the MTV Trax SIM, how do I get the app? 

Once you've activated and topped up your SIM, text MTV to 150 to receive your unique, free, MTV Trax app link. Follow the link, download the app, get listening.

Can I keep all the songs in MTV Trax forever?

You'll have unlimited access to the songs in the MTV Trax playlists for as long as they're in the app. When playlists are refreshed, songs that are replaced with newer tracks will no longer be available. While a song is in the app, you have the option to purchase it from your usual music stores.

I subscribe to MTV Trax. Will I continue to be charged?

MTV Trax has no contract so you should unsubscribe to make sure you do not get charged.

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