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Here's everything you need to know about data on the MTV trax SIM.

How do I get my 7GB of data?

Pop the SIM in your phone and top up at least £15. Your MTV TRAX Pack will start automatically and you’ll receive 7GB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts, plus free premium access to the MTV Trax music app. To continue getting these benefits every month, simply top up £15 and activate your MTV Trax Pack.

I don't have my 7GB of data - what happened?

If you've activated your MTV TRAX SIM and topped up at least £15 but your 7GB of data hasn't kicked in, please dial 150 from your mobile, or 07953 966 250 from a landline.

How long will I get 7GB of data for?

As long as you top up £15 every month and activate the MTV TRAX Pack you’ll receive 7GB of data, as well as great minute and text allowances and premium access to the MTV TRAX music app. To check your allowances visit My EE or download the My EE app.

I purchased my SIM as part of a special offer – will I lose all my data when it ends?

No, all customers now receive 7GB of data every month as part of the MTV TRAX pack as well as unlimited texts, 500 minutes and premium access to the MTV Trax music app. Simply top up £15 each month to continue to get all the benefits.

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