Pay monthly and broadband customer benefits

Find out more about how you can get a data boost and exclusive SIM only discounts.

Data boost

If you take home broadband at the same time as a 4GEE pay monthly plan, we’ll boost your 4GEE data allowance to 10GB - or 20GB if the plan is over £46 a month. You can also share your extra data across your devices.

Your boost will be applied when your EE Broadband is successfully connected.  We’ll send you a text to let you know when this has happened.

If you're on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, you'll need to move to an EE pay monthly plan to get a data boost.

SIM only discounts

If you have EE Broadband and a 4GEE pay monthly plan, we’re also offering exclusive discounts on two of our SIM only plans.

The first is our lowest-priced SIM which comes with 500MB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts for £4.99 a month - that’s a discount of £8 a month.

With the second, you’ll get 10GB data as well as unlimited calls and texts for £19.99 a month – that’s a saving of £9 a month.

These savings are made up of the 10% Multiplan Saving and an additional discount for having broadband.

These deals are for anyone who has a 4GEE pay monthly plan and signs up for EE home broadband.

There's no restriction on how many SIM only offers beyond the number of lines you're eligible to take out - only one discount is available per individual SIM only connection.

Cancelling your broadband or main mobile line

If you cancel your EE Broadband you could lose your data boost and any other benefits you'e getting for having both mobile and home with EE, such as exclusive SIM only discounts.

If you cancel your main mobile line, you'll lose your data boost along with any SIM only discounts.

If you already have EE Broadband, you can can get a data boost but you might need to sign to a new broadband contract.


You'll continue to get separate bills for broadband and mobile. Data boost and SIM only discounts will be shown on the mobile bill.

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