Conference calling

Bring everyone together in one call and get the job done quicker.

How do I get it?

Anyone can use EE conference calling. It doesn’t matter if you’re already an EE customer or you’re with another network.

How do I do it?

EE conference calling is simple to set up and up to 20 people can use it.
And it’s easy - here’s what you need to do:

  • Decide who the organiser of the call is.
  • The organiser then chooses a conference ID number. This can be a six-digit number in any combination, but avoid numbers like 111111 and 123456 because they’re not very secure. If you like, you can make your conference ID number longer than six digits.
  • The organiser tells everyone in the group when the call is taking place and lets them know the six-digit conference ID number by sending a text or email to the attendees

Making the call

Here’s how you join the call:

  • When it's time for the call, you need to dial 07953 966 66607953 966 666.
  • When you’re prompted, enter the six-digit conference ID, followed by hash (#).
  • If you're the first person on the call, you can listen to music, but you don’t have to. To turn the music off, press any key, and to turn the music back on, press 1.  When a second person joins the call, the music stops automatically.
  • Other people can join and leave the call at any time. The number of callers will be announced whenever people leave or join.
  • If you're planning a conference call with lots of people, it's worth remembering that a maximum of 20 people can be on the same call at the same time.

Why not bookmark this page now, ready for your first EE conference call? That way, you can send it to anyone who hasn’t used EE conference call before.

What does it cost?

Calls to EE conference calling are included in EE price plans.
If you're on another network (including Orange and T-Mobile) you’ll be charged as if it’s a normal call to a mobile number.
If you use EE conference calling when you’re abroad, your usual roaming rates will apply.

For more information about call charges for EE conference calling please see our price guides.

Adding in another person to an existing call

Another way to set up a conference call immediately is to add people to existing calls. Remember that Conference Calling steps may vary depending on which device you're using.
1.    Call the first person in the usual way
2.    You should see the option to add another call in the in-call menu, this will put the first call on hold, so make sure they know what you are doing
3.    Dial the next caller you want to add to the conference call
4.    You'll then have one call active and one on hold. Both calls show in the display but the active call has a telephone symbol next to it
5.    To bring both calls in on the conference, press the Options key to enter the in-call menu and select the conference option, or press the button to merge the two calls.

How many people can I add to the call?

On EE you can add up to 5 people on a conference call. Theoretically people you call may also add more callers to the call as well.

What does it cost

Conference calling will cost you the normal amount for each of the concurrent calls that you are making, so worth knowing you could be paying for five simultaneous calls.

End the conference

Callers can drop out of the conference at any time by ending their call. If the caller who started the conference call finishes the call, the conference will end.


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