T-Mobile out of bundle charges

From 28 May 2014 we are making changes to our charges for standard UK calls and texts when you go over your mobile allowance, and other services like calls to 08 numbers, international calls and MMS.

These changes align our charges for all customers and talk plan types. See the note below the table to see if these changes affect you.

 Service type  New ex-VAT price  New inc VAT price  Call Rounding Duration
 *SMS (to mobile/landline)  £0.13  £0.15  N/A
 *Voice Calls (to mobile/landline)  £0.33  £0.40  per Minute
 Calls to 08 numbers (not Freephone 080)  £0.33  £0.40  per Minute
 Freephone (080)  £0.17  £0.20  per Minute
 MMS/Picture Messages  £0.33  £0.40  N/A
IDD (calling from UK to Abroad)  
 Ireland  £0.42  £0.50  per Minute
 All other countries  £0.83  £1.00  per Minute
 SMS  £0.21  £0.25  N/A

*If you took a price plan that launched after February 2012 your out of bundle costs for standard UK calls and SMS will not increase. (However, the above increases will apply if you stayed or upgraded onto a price plan that launched prior to February 2012.)

If you joined T-Mobile after October 2013 you will only see an increase in international direct dialling (IDD) charges.

If you are a business customer on a business plan, such as Business Plan 1 or Business Pay Monthly, you will not be affected by the above increase in out of bundle charges.

If you are a business customer on a consumer plan you will be affected by these out of bundle changes.

Per minute pricing

We are simplifying our call charging. Rather than a range of per minute prices, and a combination of per minute and per second charging, we now charge a simple per minute rate. So for example if your call is outside of your allowance and is one minute and 35 seconds long, it will be charged as two minutes.

If you often spend outside of your allowance

If you regularly use up your allowance or use chargeable services then we may have a plan better suited to your needs, or a bundle that you can add to your plan.

To see what’s available, find out more about how the new rates may affect you, or to see if you may be affected, go to My EE - we are also willing to discuss individual cases.

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