BT Wifi

If your price plan includes BT WiFi, you'll be able to use thousands of BT Openzone WiFi hotspots. So you can browse the internet, read and send emails, stream music and watch videos while you're out and about.

Although using BT WiFi won't use up your mobile data allowance, there is also a 3GB monthly limit. This is part of the Fair Use Policy outlined in your terms and conditions.

Where to find BT Openzone WiFi hotspots

If you want to find a WiFi hotspot, look out for the BT Openzone logo. You’ll find them in lots of public places. Just look out for the BT Openzone logo (this can be found here).

If you have you previously downloaded the WiFi app use the ‘hotspot finder' to locate public WiFi hotspots near you and see them on a map.

Please note: The EE, Orange and T-Mobile WiFi app is no longer available to download.

How to connect to BT Openzone hotspots

1. To get your username and password details to use on your device (laptop, tablet, or mobile handset), text the word Open to 9526 and you'll receive a text with your unique log in details. If you're on a corporate plan please call EE Business Customer Services by dialling 158 from your EE phone.

2. If you're in range of a BT Openzone hotspot, connect to the hotspot using your device’s WiFi connection and enter the details manually into to log on.

3. The page will have a drop down menu where you can choose your service provider. Select EE, T-Mobile UK or Orange UK and you'll be taken to the login pages.

4. Enter the WiFi username and password that was sent you by text message when you joined. You’re ready to go.

5. Plan holders who have previously downloaded the EE WiFi app, the T-Mobile WiFi app or the Orange WiFi app can continue using it to connect to the hotspots. The EE WiFi app, the T-Mobile WiFi app and the Orange WiFi apps are no longer available to download and use.

Problems connecting to Hotspots

BT FON hotspots can appear as BT Openzone hotspots in your list of WiFi networks. These are not included within EE WiFi plans at the moment so you may occasionally see a message saying that EE WiFi is unable to authenticate with a BT Openzone hotspot.

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