Unlocking your phone

Your EE, Orange or T-Mobile phone is locked, so it can only be used on our EE network. If you want to use a SIM from a different network in your phone, you'll need to get it unlocked first.

Here's the detail

To get your phone unlocked:

  • The device you are requesting to be unlocked (phone or tablet) must have been active on the Orange, T-Mobile or EE network for at least six months
  • The IMEI must not be blacklisted (we'll check this for you)
  • Pay monthly customers must have an account balance of zero - everything needs to be paid up to date
  • Pay an admin fee of £20.42. If you’re a pay monthly customer this will be added to your next bill, pay as you go customers can have it deducted from the account balance.

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Please note

The amount of time it takes to unlock your phone depends on the device type:

  • Apple iPhone / iPad, up to three days
  • Any other device type, up to ten days

We may need to contact your device manufacturer for your unlock code, which could take a little longer, if that’s the case we’ll let you know by SMS text message on the contact number you provide.



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