Fixing no picture problems with EE TV

Unable to see any picture from EE TV on your television? Select the play button to watch our video, or follow our guide for more help fixing the problem.

Check your EE TV is plugged in and turned on

A solid green light on the front shows it is.

If the light is off, check your power cable is plugged securely into the set top box and power socket which is working and turned on

A red light means it's in standby mode.

Press the power button on your remote. If the red light stays on, try:

  • Pointing your remote directly at your EE TV
  • Moving closer to your EE TV in case you're out of range
  • Replacing the batteries in your remote - they may be flat

Check your EE TV is connected to your TV

Check the HDMI cable is still connected between your television and EE TV box. It might be loose or somebody may have unplugged it to connect a difference device.

Check your television is on and using the correct input

  1. Look for a button labeled SOURCE, AV or INPUT on your television's remote
  2. Alternatively, the button might look something like the picture below...

  3. Press the button until you've found the name of the socket you connected your EE TV box to - it's usually called HDMI1 or HDMI2. You might need to press Select / OK or similar
  4. If you're unsure, try a few options until you can see the EE TV screen

If you continue to have problems:

  • Put other devices connected to your television on standby (or turn them off) - for example a games console, DVD player or Blue-Ray player
  • It might also be worth trying a different HDMI socket

Try rebooting your EE TV and television

If you've checked all the above steps, try rebooting your EE TV and television. To do this:

  1. Unplug your EE TV
  2. Unplug your TV
  3. Unplug any devices connected to your TV, e.g. games consoles, DVD players, Blue-Ray players
  4. Now wait 30 seconds
  5. Plug your television and EE TV back in and wait for them to restart (re-connect your other devices one by one later once you've checked if your EE TV is working)
  6. While your TV is rebooting, you should see the EE start up page

  7. If you don't, check your TV is using the correct input - see the section above

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