Fixing picture problems with EE TV

Pixilation? Green lines on your screen? Freezing? Drop in picture quality or black and white images? Our guide will help you fix your problem.

Try rebooting your EE TV and television

Rebooting your EE TV and television fixes most picture problems.

  1. Unplug your EE TV box
  2. Unplug your TV
  3. Unplug any devices connected to your TV, e.g. games consoles, DVD players, Blue-Ray players
  4. Now wait 30 seconds
  5. Plug your television and EE TV back in and wait for them to restart (re-connect your other devices one by one later once you've checked if your EE TV is working
  6. While your TV is rebooting, you should see the EE test page


No picture on your screen

If you still can't see EE TV on your television, see our guide to fixing no picture problems with EE TV.


Digital TV signal problems

If you're experiencing issues while watching digital TV channels (or poor recorded content), see our guide to fixing TV channel problems with EE TV.


On Demand content freezing

If you're having a problem while watching On Demand content (e.g. BBC iPlayer, Demand 5), see our guide to fixing problems with EE TV On Demand content.


Reset your EE TV

If you're still having problems, try resetting your EE TV box - this will return the box to default settings (although you won't lose recordings). You'll find more help in our guide to resetting your EE TV.

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