Re-scan EE TV Freeview channels

If you're having problems with digital TV or radio channels on your EE TV set top box, it may help to re-scan for channels.

Re-scanning your EE TV channels could mean that you need to set up your Replay channels again. We'll show you how at the end of the article.

Please check your TV aerial is connected to the socket labelled IN on the back of your EE TV box - for more help, see our set up guide.

Select the play button to watch our video, or follow our guide for more help re-scanning your channels.

To re-scan your channels:
  1. Press the MENU button on your EE TV remote.

  2. Press the up arrow on your remote (that's the one above OK) to highlight the top menu.
  3. Move over to TOOLS & HELP by pressing the right arrow on your remote.
  4. Press the down and right arrow to highlight SETTINGS and press OK.

  5. The settings screen will appear.

  6. Move right (using the right arrow) to TV SIGNAL & QUALITY.

  7. Press OK to select Re-scan.
  8. Press the right arrow and then OK to CONTINUE.

  9. Your EE TV will look for TV channels.

  10. And confirm how many channels it found.
  11. Press OK to CONTINUE.

  12. The Channel Management screen will also show how many channels you now have.

  13. To watch your new channels or check if you've fixed your problem, press the MENU button.
  14. You'll go back to the TOOLS & Help menu.

  15. Press MENU and then OK to watch TV.

If you use Replay, we recommend you check it's still turned on. Our guide turning on Replay and Restart on your EE TV will show you how.

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