Set up and manage recordings on the EE TV app when you're away from home

Never miss your favourite shows: even if you’ve forgotten to record a programme at home, you can now set your EE TV box to record from your phone or tablet, and manage your recordings wherever you are.

Recording a programme

To record a programme:

  1. Open your TV guide - you'll find this in the TV Guide menu when you're out of home (or in the Live TV menu when you're at home).

  2. Find the programme you want to record - swipe up, down and to the right to find the programme you want to record (or use the directional arrows).
  3. Tap the Record button and choose if you'd like to record this episode or series (if available).

  4. Your request will be sent to your EE TV box.

Checking your recording requests

You can check the status of your recording requests from the last 48 hours when you're out of home. To do this:

  1. Tap the status icon in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. A list of requests from the last 48 hours will open.

  3. The request list shows details of the programme you've recorded from your EE TV app, the time and date the request was sent and the status of the request.

Successful - shows your request was sent and received by your EE TV box.
Failed - shows your request was sent, but wasn't successful. For example you may have had too many recordings scheduled at once.
Pending - shows your request has been sent but it's not been received on your EE TV box

Watching your recordings

Sorry, it's not possible to watch programmes in your Recordings or Replay menu while you're out of home.


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