Blackberry torch 9800-mp3 player settings

You can play audio files saved in the phone memory or on the memory card.

Follow these instructions to use the MP3 player on your BlackBerry Torch 9800.

  1. Find Music
    Press the Menu key twice
    Press Media
    Press Music

  2. Use MP3 player
    The menu items available in the MP3 player depend on whether the playback window or the library window is open.

    Switch to the music library window
    Press the Menu key
    Press Music Home

    Switch to the playback window

    Press the Menu key
    Press Now Playing...

    Follow these instructions to see some general guidelines on how to use the MP3 player

    Play audio file

    Switch to the library window, go to 2 if required
    Press All Songs
    Press the required audio file
    The audio file is played

    Options during playback
    Switch to the playback window, go to 2, if required

    Pause playback:
    Press the pause icon

    Stop the audio file:
    Press the stop icon

    Go to the next audio file:
    Press arrow right

    Go to the previous audio file:
    Press arrow left

    Select repeat
    Press the Menu key
    Press Repeat
    Press Current Song or All Songs

    Select shuffle

    Press the Menu key
    Press Shuffle

    Play playlist

    Switch to the library window
    Press Playlists
    Press and hold the required playlist until a pop-up menu is displayed
    Press Play

    Adjust the volume
    Switch to the playback window
    Press the Top volume key or the Bottom volume key to adjust the volume
    The current volume is displayed

    Minimise the MP3 player
    You can listen to music on the MP3 player while you are using the phone as you normally would - you just need to minimise the MP3 player first
    Press Disconnect
    Turn off the MP3 player
    Press the Menu key
    Press Close

  3. Exit
    Press Disconnect
    Press the Return key to return to standby mode

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