Bright Box router - Fibre set up guide

This guide shows you how to set up Fibre Broadband using our original Bright Box router and an Openreach modem.

Engineer's visit

An Openreach engineer will have fitted:

  • A new face plate on your phone socket (broadband filter)
  • An extension kit (if you need one)
  • A white Openreach modem

Disconnect any old broadband equipment from your line.

Connect and turn on your Bright Box router

Once the engineer has confirmed Fibre Broadband is working, you can set up your Bright Box router.

  1. Connect the black Ethernet cable provided, to the socket labelled LAN1 on the modem

  2. Connect the other end of the black ethernet cable into the red socket on your router

  3. Connect the two parts of the power supply together

  4. Connect the power supply into a plug socket and turn it on

  5. Plug the power cable into the power socket on your Bright Box router

  6. You can now switch on your Bright Box router

Everything should now look like this:

  • The Power light will go green
  • The number 4 light will go green
  • The Broadband and wireless light will go green


Update your Bright Box router

If you're moving from standard broadband to our Fibre Broadband service, you'll need to migrate your Bright Box router. Follow our simple guide to update your settings:

If not, your Bright Box router will already be already using Fibre Broadband settings. Sit back, relax and let us do the leg work.


Connect your devices

While your router's getting ready to connect to the internet, you can set up a wired or wireless connection between your computer and router.

You'll find your wireless network name, and wireless password printed on the sticker on the bottom of the router, and also on your KEEP MEE card. If you'd like more help, see our guides below:

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