Livebox Mini - connection not working

Having problems viewing web pages? Perhaps you're unable to connect to your Livebox or the @ light is flashing? We'll show you some simple steps that fix most problems.

Turning it off and back on again

It's simple, but turning everything off and back on again really does fix most connection problems.

  • Turn your Livebox power off at the mains (or unplug if you don't have a switch)
  • Shut down your computer (or device)

Wait about 30 seconds, then turn everything back on. After a few minutes, check your connection again.

Check your landline phone is working

Start by checking your phone line is working OK.

  1. Plug a phone into the same filter as your Bright Box router is connected
  2. Listen for dial tone (or try to make a call)
  3. If you're unable to hear dial tone, or can hear a lot of noise on your phone line see our guide Home Phone - fixing faults

Account live?

If you're new to EE broadband, check your service is active by logging in to Your Account. Open the track your orders option.

If your connection has suddenly stopped working, log in to Your Account and check your bill. An outstanding balance may have stopped your broadband service from working. See paying your broadband bill if you think that has happended.

Is it plugged in and turned on?

From time to time, power switches can turn off, cables can work their way loose, or even find themselves in the wrong sockets.

Check everything is turned on, and connected to the correct socket. If you're unsure, see our set up guide.

Check your @ light

The @ light helps you to understand if your Livebox is connected to the internet. Match your @ light to one of these options:

Solid green light

Solid green @ light

Great news - your broadband connection is working.

Next step - check you've got a working connection between your computer and Livebox.

Flashing quickly red

Livebox @ light flashing quickly red

If you've already checked your broadband service is live, and restarted your Livebox:

  • Check cable set up. You'll find more help with this in your set up guide.
  • Check filter set up and internal wiring. You'll find more help with this in our filters and extension cable guide.

Flashing slowly amber

Livebox @ light flashing slowly amber

If you've already checked your broadband service is live, and restarted your Livebox check your username and password are correct.

Light is off or dim

Livebox @ light off

  • Power light flashing. Wait a few more minutes and re-check the @ light.
  • Power light solid. It looks like there is a problem. Try returning your Livebox to default settings.

Connection between your computer and Livebox

You can check if you've got a working connection by going to the website.

For help setting up a connection, see one of our guides below:

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