Livebox Mini - set up guide

Need help setting up your Livebox? This guide shows you how.

  1. If required, disconnect any old broadband equipment (i.e. a router or modem) from your phone line.
  2. You can leave your broadband filters connected
  3. Connect the power cable to the Livebox

    connect the power adaptor to the Livebox

  4. Plug the power socket into the mains

    connect the power adaptor to the Livebox

  5. Connect the broadband cable to the ADSL socket on your Livebox

    Connect the broadband cable to the ADSL socket on your Livebox

  6. Fit one of your new broadband filters to your phone socket
  7. We suggest using your main telephone socket for a better broadband speed. Try to avoid using an extension line or socket
  8. Connect the broadband cable into the broadband filter

    connect the filter to your BT socket

  9. You'll also need to plug each piece of telephone equipment connected to your line into a broadband filter. This includes sockets for:

    - Telephones
    - TV services e.g. Sky
    - Answer phones
    - Faxes
    - Alarm systems - you might need to talk to an alarm engineer about this

It'll take a couple of minutes for your Livebox to start up. Just enough time to make yourself a cuppa.

Connect computer to Livebox

Ideally, connect your computer to your Livebox using a wired connection. You can always set up a wireless connection later.

  1. Plug one end of your Ethernet cable into the red socket on the side of your Livebox

    Ethernet cable connected to red socket on Livebox

  2. If you need to use the yellow port, see Livebox Mini - Enable yellow port.
  3. Plug the other end into the Ethernet socket on your computer

    Ethernet cable - connecting to computer

Update username and password

  1. Go to

    Enter into your browser

  2. The Livebox home page will load
  3. Under Settings, click Access

    The Livebox admin pages will load

  4. Enter the password admin and click Sign in

    Enter the password admin, and click sign in.

  5. In the Livebox menu, select Internet
  6. Enter your broadband username and password and click Save

    Enter broadband username and password, and click Save.

  7. Your Livebox will connect to the internet

Check your connection

Why not check your connection is working by going to the website?

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