Livebox Mini - change WiFi settings

If you're having problems with your wireless connection, it can help to check you're entering the correct security key, and using the right WiFi settings.

Don't forget the WiFi button

Quick reminder - our Liveboxes use something called MAC filtering. Don't forget to press the WiFi button on the side of your Livebox before trying to connect for the first time.

Log on to your Livebox home page

  1. Go to

    Enter into your browser

  2. The Livebox home page will load
  3. Under Settings, click Access

    The Livebox admin pages will load

  4. Enter the password admin and click Sign in

    Enter the password admin, and click sign in.

Check or change WiFi settings

Under the Livebox menu, click WiFi settings. From here you can:

  • Disable a wireless connection - to do this remove the check next to Enable WiFi
  • Enable a wireless connection - to do this make sure there's a tick next to Enable WiFi
  • Change Security settings - you can select
    • WPA-PSK - default settings
    • WEP - for use with older adaptors only
    • WPA2-PSK - for use with Vista only, or after installing the XPSP2 patch from Microsoft
    • No security (not recommended, however can be a useful test)

If you've made any changes click Save. The Livebox will apply your settings.

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