Livebox Mini - change wireless channel

From time to time, interference from other wireless networks near your home can result in connection problems. Not good. Changing the channel on your Livebox can help fix the problem. This guide shows you how.

Log on to your Livebox home page

  1. From a computer connected to your Livebox, go to

    Enter into your browser

  2. The Livebox home page will load
  3. Under Settings, click Access

    The Livebox admin pages will load

  4. Enter the password admin and click Sign in

    Enter the password admin, and click sign in.


Change your wireless channel

  1. Under the Livebox menu, click WiFi settings

    Livebox - WiFi settings menu

  2. Select a new channel, e.g. channel 5

    WiFi settings - channel 5 selected as example

  3. Click Save
  4. The Livebox will apply the new settings

Why not try a number of options to find the best channel for you?

Perhaps avoid channel 12 or 13 as some devices don't always work well on these channels.

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