Netgear router - firmware update

A new version of firmware for the Netgear router has been available since May 2012.

Why upgrade?

The firmware update improves:

  • Wireless connection performance
  • Ability to play Call of Duty MWIII online using a Playstation 3
  • Jittering when streaming content online, or playing online games over a wireless connection
  • Ability to use Sky Anytime +


Before you update your router

If you decide to update your router, it's important to be aware of the points below:

  • Check your router is securely connected to a power supply
  • Don't unplug or turn off your router while the power light is flashing - you may break your router
  • We recommend you update your router using a wired connection (not wireless)


Updating your router

To check and update your router:

  1. Log in to the router's admin pages at - the username is admin, and password is password
  2. Start the router upgrade process - if this doesn't happen automatically select Router Upgrade, then Check
  3. A new firmware version should be found (V1.1.00.45 or V2.1.00.44_RG) - click Yes to update the router
  4. The router will download and install the firmware - the Power light will flash. Do not disconnect the router.


Detailed help

If you'd like a bit more help, we've included some detailed steps below:

Set up a wired connection

To update the firmware on your Netgear router, we recommend that you set up a wired connection between your computer and router. To do this:

  1. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into any of the yellow Ethernet sockets on the router

  2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet socket into the Ethernet socket on the computer


While it is possible to complete the firmware update using a wireless connection, it should be noted that you won't see the progress bar which indicates that the router is upgrading firmware.

Login to your router's admin pages

  1. Go to entered into browser address bar
  2. You'll be prompted to log into the router's admin pages - enter the router's user name and password then click OK.

    - User name: admin
    - Password: password

    Enter username admin, and password as password.
  3. The Netgear admin pages will open
    Netgear SMARTWIZARD admin pages


Check if a firmware update is available

When logging into the admin pages, the router's Firmware Upgrade Assistant may automatically check for up-to-date firmware - if so, you can skip to the next step. If not:

  1. Scroll down to the Maintenance menu, and select Router Upgrade

    Router upgrade option in Maintenance menu

  2. From the Router Upgrade page, click Check

    Check button highlighted on Router Upgrade page

  3. The router will attempt to connect to the Netgear upgrade server and check if there's a firmware update available

    Firmware Upgrade Assistant - attempting to connect to Netgear server

Select to update the router's firmware

  1. If you receive the message No New Firmware Version Available, the router may already be up-to-date
  2. If a new version of firmware is available, you'll see the message A new firmware version is found - Do you want to upgrade to the new version now? - click Yes

    Router upgrade option in Maintenance menu

  3. You'll be prompted that all existing connections will be terminated - click OK

  4. Wait a few moments while the router downloads the new firmware

    This could take a few moments - Please wait...

    If you've got an Apple Mac running 10.7 and Safari 5.1.3, the hour glass will continue spinning. If using a wireless connection to update the firmware, you'll see a blank white page.

    In both cases, the firmware will still update on the router, and the power light will flash as confirmation that the firmware update is in progress.

  5. The router will Upgrade Firmware

    Do not unplug the router while the firmware is updating!

    Upgrading firmware message
  6. The Power light on the router will flash rapidly while the router's firmware is updated

    Power light on the router rapidly flashing

    It's important that you don't unplug or reset the router while the power light is flashing. This is to make sure you don't break the router.

  7. Once the router has been updated with the new firmware and rebooted, you'll be prompted to check the LEDs to see if the router is ready - click OK

    Prompt to check the LEDs to see if the Router is ready - click OK

  8. A window (similar to the one below) will prompt you to log into the router's admin pages - enter the router's user name and password then click OK

    - User name: admin
    - Password: password

    Enter username admin, and password as password.
  9. To check that the new firmware has been updated correctly, scroll down and select Router Status in the Maintenance menu
  10. If the firmware has successfully updated, the firmware version will be listed as V2.1.00.44_RG

    Firmware version listed from Router status menu.


Check your router is connected to the internet

After updating the firmware on your router, it'll take about a minute for the router to re-connect to the internet. You can check using the Broadband light and Internet (globe) light on your Netgear router - these should be solid green.

Broadband and Internet light - solid green

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