Netgear router - update broadband username and password

Internet light off, or amber? Try updating your broadband username and password to get you back online.

  1. From a computer connected to your router, go to entered into browser address bar
  2. Enter the details below when asked to log in

    - User name: admin
    - Password: password

    Enter username admin, and password as password.
  3. The Netgear's admin pages will open
    Router admin pages

  4. If the router starts checking for new firmware, click Cancel
  5. Click Basic Settings under the Setup menu

  6. In the Login field, enter your broadband username – letters should be entered in lower case, and remember to add @fs at the end
  7. Enter your broadband password – remember password is not the same as Password or PaSsWoRd

    Netgear router - screen showing basic settings with broadband username and password entered

  8. Click Apply - the page will refresh and your router will connect to the internet


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