Netgear router - set up wireless security

Want to check or change your wireless settings? This guide shows you how.

  1. From a computer connected to your router, go to entered into browser address bar
  2. Enter the details below when asked to log in

    - User name: admin
    - Password: password

    Enter username admin, and password as password.
  3. The Netgear's admin pages will open
    Router admin pages

  4. If the router starts checking for new firmware, click Cancel
  5. Select Wireless Settings from the Setup menu

    Wireless Settings menu

  6. The Wireless Network field is where you'll find your wireless network name

    - Name (SSID): You can change this to something new and personal to you
    - Region: select Europe
    - Channel: select Auto
    - Mode: select Up to 150Mbps

  7. In the Wireless Access Point field

    - Check Enable Wireless Access Point
    - Check Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID)
    - Don't check Wireless Isolation

  8. In the Security Options field, select Mixed WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK

  9. In the Network Key field you'll find your security key or password
  10. If you'd like, you can enter a new security key for your connection

    This should be over eight characters and can be made up of upper and lower case letters from a-z and numbers 0-9.

  11. Click Apply - any changes you've made will be updated


Now you've done the tricky bit, you can connect your computer and devices to your router. Check out our connect using WiFi guide for more help.

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