Siemens Router - Restore factory settings

Resetting your router clears all your settings and preferences. This includes your broadband username and password. You might like to print this guide in case you lose your internet connection.

If you're happy to go ahead, here's how to reset your Siemens router.

Reset the router

  1. Make sure the router is plugged in and turned on
  2. Find a thin object that will fit easily in the hole - paper clips are ideal; pens tend not to work
  3. Insert the paper clip into the Reset hole and hold for six seconds

    Siemens wireless router - paper clip in reset hole

  4. The router will restart

Enter your broadband username and password

  1. Go to
  2. The router's admin pages will load
  3. Enter the password admin

    Router's admin pages

  4. Click Internet
  5. Enter your username, e.g.
  6. Enter your broadband password
  7. Click OK

    Enter broadband username and password.

  8. The router will apply the new settings and restart

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