Htc desire hd-send a text message

You can write text messages with or without predictive text input.

Follow these instructions to write and send text messages using ordinary text input.

Please note: The message centre number needs to be saved in the phone before you can send a text message.

1. Find Compose message

  1. Press arrow up to access the main menu
  2. Press Messages
  3. Press Compose message

2. Enter recipient

  1. Press To and key in the number of the recipient

3. Select ordinary text input

  • Press the message field
  • Press EN
  • Press Settings
  • Press Text input
  • Press Prediction below QWERTY
  • When the box next to the menu item is empty, ordinary text input is selected
  • Press the Return key
  • Press Keyboard types
  • Press QWERTY

4. Write the text message

  • Press the message field
  • Follow the steps below to write a text message using the phone keypad

Write letters

  • Press the required key until the required letter is displayed

Switch between capital and lower case letters

  • Press Shift once to write a capital letter and then return to writing lower case letters
  • Press Shift twice to write several capital letters in succession
  • Press Shift again to return to writing lower case letters

Insert a space

  • Press Space to insert a space between two words

Insert line break

  • Press Enter

Insert symbols

  • Press 12# to view a list of symbols
  • If required, press 1/2 to see more symbols
  • Key in the required symbols
  • Press ABC to return to ordinary input

Insert text

  • Press where you want to insert text
  • Write the text

Delete text

  • Press Delete to delete the character to the left of the cursor

5. Send the text message

  • Press Send when you have written your text message

6. Exit

  • Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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