Htc one xl-internet set up

Follow the steps below to set up internet GPRS settings for your HTC One XL.

1. Slide open the notifications panel, and then tap Settings
2. Now tap Mobile Network (to the left of the Off/On switch)
3. Tap on Access point names
4. Tap the Menu button
5. Tap on new APN
  • Name = Internet
  • APN = everywhere (case sensitive)
  • Proxy = Leave Blank
  • Port = Leave Blank
  • Username = eesecure
  • Password = secure
  • Server = Leave Blank
  • MMSC = Leave Blank
  • MMS proxy = Leave Blank
  • MMS port = Leave Blank
  • MCC = 234
  • MNC = 30
  • Authentication type = PAP
  • APN type = default
  • APN protocol = IPv4
  • Bearer = Unspecified
  • Menu button, then select Save. You're ready to go.

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