Microsoft Surface 3 - Set up a mobile hotspot

Create a hotspot

With your Surface 3 (4G LTE), you can share your mobile broadband Internet connection if your data plan allows it. The shared connection is called a mobile hotspot. Connect your friends, and you can all access the Internet from anywhere you have mobile broadband service.

Data used by any device on the mobile hotspot will count against your data for the month.

Here’s how to create a mobile hotspot quickly in Windows:

Step 1: Go to Start Windows logo > Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile hotspot.
Step 2: Under Mobile hotspot, move the slider to On.

Once Windows applies the change, your network name and password will appear, and you can connect to it as a wireless network from another device. If you can’t create the mobile hotspot, it may be that your data plan doesn’t include this feature.

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