Microsoft Surface 3 - Connect to a wired network

Connect to a wired network

Here’s how to connect your Surface to a wired network:

Step 1: Plug a USB to Ethernet adapter (sold separately) into the USB port on your Surface.
Step 2: Plug an Ethernet cable into the adapter.
Step 3: Plug the other end of the cable into your router or an Ethernet network port.
Step 4: Select wired network Wired network icon in the taskbar.
Step 5: If prompted, enter your user name and password and select Next. If you don't know your user name and password, check with your network administrator.
Step 6: To see if you’re online, go to Start Windows logo, and select All apps > Microsoft Edge.

Can’t get online?

If your Surface doesn’t connect to the Internet using your wired connection, you may need to get online using a wireless network first and install or update the driver for your Ethernet adapter. Here’s how:

Step 1: Unplug the Ethernet adapter from your Surface.
Step 2: Select wireless network Wireless network icon in the taskbar, select a wireless network, and select Connect.
Step 3: Once you’re connected to a wireless network, plug the Ethernet adapter back into the USB port on your Surface. Windows Update should install the appropriate driver for the adapter.
Step 4: Repeat the steps under Connect to a wired network, above.

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