Microsoft Surface 3 - Battery and power


How much battery charge is left?

The battery status appears in several places:

  • Lock screen. When you wake your Surface, the battery status appears in the lower-right corner of the lock screen.

Battery icon on the lock screen

  • Desktop taskbar. Battery status appears at the right side of the taskbar. Select the battery icon for info about the charging and battery status, including the percent remaining.

Battery icon in the taskbar

Windows alerts you when the battery starts to get low. When you’re alerted, be sure to attach the power supply. If you don’t recharge the battery, your Surface will eventually save your work and shut down.

Charging your Surface

When the battery is low, charge your Surface using the included power supply.

Your Surface is designed to work best with the included power supply. Using a third-party power supply may result in slow charging.

Charge Surface 3


Step 1: Plug the Micro USB connector into the Micro USB charging port with the power cord extending downward and the light on the connector facing toward you.
Step 2: Plug the full-size USB connector on the other end of the cord into the power supply.
Step 3: Plug the power supply into an electrical outlet.


Surface 3 Micro USB charging port, and connector with light

Is it charging?

While your Surface is charging, a small light appears on the connector to show your Surface is getting power.

To make sure your Surface is charging, look in the lower-left corner of the taskbar for the battery status. When your Surface is charging, the battery icon appears with an electrical plug. Once the battery is fully charged, you can remove the power cord from the charging port.

How long does it take to charge Surface?

It can take a few hours to charge the battery fully from an empty state. It can take longer if you’re using your Surface for power-intensive activities like gaming or video streaming while you’re charging it.

The batteries in Surface Book may also charge at different rates, depending on the power state of each battery. Whichever battery has less than 20 percent remaining charge will be charged first. When both batteries reach this level, the clipboard will charge to 85 percent, and then both batteries will charge to 100 percent.

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