Motorola defy-tethering

You can use the phone as a data modem when you want to establish a connection from your computer to the internet.


Follow these instructions to set up the phone as data modem for the computer.

  • Select connection type
    Select one of the following options:
    Via data cable, go to a
    Via Bluetooth, go to b

    a) Via data cable

  • Install the drivers separately or the program MotoHelper which contains the driver
  • Connect the data cable to the socket at the left side of the phone and connect the other end of the data cable to the computer's USB port
  • The modem is installed automatically and is named Motorola USB Modem or a similar name
  • Exit the application Moto Helper on your computer

    b) Via Bluetooth
  • Press the Menu key
  • Press Settings
  • Press Wireless and networks
  • Press Bluetooth settings
  • Press Bluetooth to activate Bluetooth
  • When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is activated
  • Press Discoverable
  • When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is activated
  • Press the Return key
  • Begin searching for Bluetooth devices on the computer
  • After a moment a list of Bluetooth devices within range is displayed
  • Select your phone on the list and begin pairing it with the computer
  • Key in an optional access code on the computer
  • Key in the same access code on the phone
  • The installation starts automatically
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the modem
  • Select Install the software automatically if you are asked about the installation
  • The modem is installed as Bluetooth Modem or a similar name

    Please note: Bluetooth needs to be activated on the computer. There should be no more than 10 metres (32 feet) between the devices. It is not necessary to have clear space between them.

  1. Check a connection between the phone and the computer has been established
  • Go to Control Panel and find the area for Modem
  • Scroll to the modem you have installed and open Properties
  • Click the Diagnostics tab
  • Click Query Modem

If the computer communicates with the modem and if it displays a number of commands, the modem has been installed correctly

  1. Configure modem for GPRS
  • Go to Control Panel and find the area for Modem
  • Scroll to the modem you have installed and open Properties
  • Scroll to Advanced
  • Find the area for keying in an initialisation string
  • Key in the following sequence: +cgdcont=1,"IP","",,0,0

    Please note: It is important that the sequence is keyed in exactly as shown. Otherwise you will not be able to establish a connection via GPRS. If you get an error message while trying to establish a connection, it may be because you made a mistake keying in this sequence.

  1. Create a dial-up connection on your computer
    The procedure for creating dial-up connections depends on the operating system on your computer. The instructions below are only general guidelines on how to create a GPRS dial-up connection

  2. Create a new dial-up connection
  • Find the area for network connections in the control panel on your computer
  • Choose Create a new connection or an equivalent option
  • Choose Connect to the Internet or an equivalent option that is based on a modem connection
  • If there is only one active modem on your computer, this is, in most cases, selected by default. If you are asked to select a modem, select Bluetooth Modem or Motorola USB Modem

  1. Set up dial-up connection
    Name the connection (e.g. MB525 GPRS)
    When you are asked to key in a phone number, key in: *99***1#
    Do not use area code and dialling rules

  2. Advanced settings
    Set IP address and DNS server to automatic provision
    When you are asked to key in a username, key in: user
    When you are asked to key in a password, key in: pass
    (You might not be asked to key in your username and password until you want to establish the connection)

  3. Exit
    When you have selected the necessary settings, exit the configuration

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